Introducing the incredible new Spirit Fury


Spirit Motorcycles are incredibly proud and excited to announce the launch of a brand new Spirit, the Fury!

Currently in development and due to be previewed in late 2019 at the Bike Shed in London, Los Angeles and at the Milan Bike show. Early reactions to the Fury have been overwhelming and negotiations with Distributors in the US and UK are underway. The first lucky customers will be taking delivery of their new Spirit Fury in mid-2020.

Featuring a blend of British design and American muscle, the Fury will be as good to ride as it will be to look at. The Fury design focuses on the core of a motorcycle, the chassis and the engine, and strips back each element of the design to its purest form. The Fury is aesthetically stunning and uncompromised by mass production demands.

Each motorcycle will be bespoke, handcrafted and assembled in the UK with the finest quality components. The chassis will feature the same technology used in previous Spirit race bikes, developed from our success on the race track. The engine for the Fury will be a 2,000 cc V Twin, supplied by US firm S&S, developing impressive power and huge torque figures. This motor is already well known and trusted in the US, being widely used by custom builders and other low volume motorcycle manufacturers.