We believe the aesthetics of a motorcycle are just as important as its underpinnings, without compromising the bike's purity or ultimate performance.  Everything should be equally balanced and exciting.


Modern design can be a rather confusing, cluttered amalgam of shapes and lines, or an illusion of something bygone.  Our designs are created with a racing sensibility at their core, in harmony with the engineering and enhancing the performance. Honed, raw, fresh.


We like to think our designs will continue to thrill their owners for as long as the motorcycle is in their possession.

Motorcycle engineering is a black art.  This art can be found throughout our motorcycles, inside and out.


At Spirit Motorcycles we consider the engineering of our bikes is equally as dramatic and effective as the visual form.  We ensure that everything we build has form AND function in perfect harmony, and utilises our years of experience developing the engineering principles that set our bikes apart from the competition.


We don’t just assemble the motorcycle,  we create it with the passion and skill required to reach the top step of the podium.

At Spirit Motorcycles our racing heritage pervades everything we do.


Our many years of experience at the track and working on hundreds of road bikes allows us to confidently and precisely balance the fundamentals of power and control, as one without the other is, well, unwise.


Understanding the true potential of an engine or chassis' performance is not found on a computer simulation, but in years of problem solving and experimenting, honing and fine tuning.  Its easy to find more performance if you know where to look, but it takes a whole lot more effort and skill to find a lot more performance, make it usable, accessible, and reliable.




Design. Engineering. Performance.


This is our mantra. These three words are at the core of who we are, what we are about, and what sets us apart from other manufacturers.


Allow us to explain...




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