All of our road bikes will be fitted with our T3R 750cc long-stroke 3-cylinder engine.  This power unit contains our own 'stroked' crankshaft, made from high-grade billet steel, along with a new balancer shaft - all handmade and perfectly balanced.  The crankshaft is DLC coated (a hard wearing coating) to ensure longevity,  and the position of the conrod journal adapted to allow the piston to complete a longer stroke distance within the bore.


New billet conrods are made to deal with the longer stroke, and are x-rayed to guarantee they able to deal with the rigors of a high performance, race-ready engine.  The Gudgein pins are also DLC coated before fitting for longevity.


New pistons are machined from billet aluminium to increase compression and suit the longer stroke. These are also designed to withstand the rigours of racing, so the road bikes will certainly have a healthy, powerful heart.


A close ratio gearbox is machined from high quality steel to the tightest tolerances available, then super-finished (polished and coated) for the smoothest of operations.


On all models, the above engine specification is standard.  The R model engines are built to "Supersport Spec", which means they also have these additional extras:


• High lift and extended duration T3R camshafts (allowing more air and fuel in to the cylinder for a bigger bang).

• Ported and gas-flowed inlet and exhaust ports (opened to allow more flow of fuel and air on the way in and out, and shaped to allow more efficient mixing of gases on the way in).

• Cylinder head shimmed to raise compression

• Valves edged to allow more room for air/fuel bypass in the cylinder.

• Base gasket adapted to lower deck height and increase compression.

• Cams degreed (timed) to place power in the optimum spot for best overall performance.

• All bolts are replaced with titanium for lightness.


These engines are designed to compete on the race track and will, by design, be more reliable than a 'production' engine thanks to the quality and the manufacturing process of the parts used.  Therefore, on the road bikes we are able to offer a 7 year warranty (terms & conditions apply).


Most mass-produced bikes are designed and built to carry two 15st riders and their luggage across large distances. This means they're chassis have to be extremely stiff in order to make them work. Everything attached to them (yokes, suspension etc.) also needs to be stiff to ensure its strong enough to make the chassis flex as it should. The result of this solidity is a general lack of 'feel' from the bike and a lack of confidence from the rider.


Our chassis is built from tubular steel and machined aluminium for lightness, and entire chassis braze-welded to allow a positive amount of flexibility through the frame.  The other parts attached directly to the frame, from the yokes to the swingarm, have also been designed to match the flex of the chassis, resulting in huge levels of feedback and inspiring confidence in the rider.


To give the chassis Grand Prix levels of versitility, it is also fully adjustable from the headstock to swing arm pivot.  The purpose of this is to restrict the compromises that would need to be made when looking for a perfect set-up on a road bike. Allow us to explain...


If a rider wanted to make a bike turn faster they would have two options on a production bike; 1) lower the front end, or 2) raise the back end.  If they do the former they compromise the bike's clearance resulting in less lean angle and restricted corner speed. Raise the rear and they have more corner speed but less weight on the rear tyre and less grip.  With a Grand Prix chassis such as ours a rider can change the headstock angle which will increase the turn in speed of the bike without compromising clearance or rear grip. There are an infinite number of adjustments across the bike, which is why each one is supplied with a geometry software program that allows you to make changes in theory to assess their effect, before a physical change is made.


PFM are our chosen partners providing some of the best billet-machined brakes in the World.  Weight is everything and these units are light-yet-powerful 6-pot units designed to match the requirements of hard and consistent braking.  Master cylinders are 'adjustable ratio' units which can be customised to rider preference. Rear brake operation can be achieved by either foot mounted brake levers, thumb operated lever, or both.  The braking system is complimented with Hel 'dry' brake line connectors, allowing the lines to be disconnected and the calipers removed without the need to bleed the system. Another feature straight out of the MotoGP paddock.


MotoGP switches are installed on the R models in order to give the ideal accessibility and customisation of function required to match the high level of electronic features on the bike.  Whether in road or race mode these colour coded push-button switches allow fingertip control of all the electronics, and look incredibly trick!



Standard models

These bikes will be fitted with the AIM MXS dash, featuring a full colour display and three switchable mode screens.  Key data can be positioned for user preference and colours can be personalised.  The MXS features all the features required for road riding, but can be switched to race mode with just one button.  Each dash can be expanded for increased data logging - including suspension potentiometers, GPS with automatic circuit recognition and auto start data-logging.  The bikes are also fitted with an electronic 'keyless ignition' system.

R models

These feature full MoTec electronic systems, normally the preserve of Grand Prix or WSBK race bikes.


The MoTec C125 Dash displays are customised to Spirit Motorcycle's design and are switchable between race and road modes with key data displayed in each.  The Spirit MoTec system allows the collection of 300+ channels of data, with every engine parameter monitored. If any deviation from set parameters is detected, Spirit HQ is alerted via the bike's 4G connectivity, long before the customer becomes aware of the issue. This system is also ideal to ensure the correct aftercare and service intervals are maintained.


Key features of the system are;

• Traction control

• Anti wheelie

• Air/fuel real time monitor

• Tyre pressure monitor

• Oil pressure monitor

• Cooling system monitor

• Crash detection

• GPS positioning


The Track Pack

With the addition of the track pack a 4G communication package takes on a whole new level.


This upgrade unlocks all of your data channels and adds a plethora of sensors which will allow you to evaluate your on-track experience.  Using Spirit's ‘TrackTech’, remote engineers will assist the owner with bike setup track-side with just a phone call.  Our remote 4G connection allows all data channels to be transmitted back to us via the cloud and for our engineers to alter parameters or settings on your bike remotely, optimising the bike's performance anytime, anywhere.


Our engineers can also see your lines around the circuits, RPM, gear position, suspension movement and brake pressure, allowing them to advise on suspension set-up, gearing and rider control improvements.


In addition the R models feature an electronic slipper clutch which helps control engine braking way beyond the limits of a mechanical unit.  Spirit can supply you with engine braking maps which can be remotely downloaded to your bike - these will optimise engine braking at each corner of every circuit the bike might visit.  The settings can then be returned to default for road use.  This bike comes shipped with the world’s first remote motorcycle pit crew!

Swing Arm

Designing the perfect high-performance swingarm is all about the search for increased mechanical grip. Whilst vertical strength is required for stability, horizontally flex is also required to allow the side of the tyre to grip the tarmac whilst at extreme lean angles. If the swingarm can flex by an optimum degree it can move with the tyre, reduce wear and increase grip.  Production swingarms tend to be very stiff in both directions.  Our bikes come fitted with a strong-yet-flexible cast aluminium swingarm on the standard models, and a handmade, GP-spec super-strong, super-light 'factory' aluminium swingarm on the R models.


On all base models we provide Dymag UPX7 Forged aluminium wheels. These are beautiful, extremely light wheels which dramatically reduce unsprung weight and aid easy turn-in.  The R models feature Dymag's superb CA5 Carbon Fibre wheels which reduce even more weight and add further performance enhancements.  These are possibly the most excotic, exquisite wheels on the planet.



Our partners K-Tech are in the process of designing us new forks specifically for our GP-Series. They will be lighter with just the right amount of flex to assist with the superior handling abilities of the bikes. We will bring you more news on this as it happens. Meanwhile enjoy the aesthetics of the very beautiful KTR2 forks and DDS Pro front and rear shocks as fitted to the prototype machines.

The Devil is in the detail.


Our GP Series bikes are pretty exotic to behold, but underneath the skin lies a host of hidden features which lift them above the norm.


Years of racing experience has allowed us to give these bikes a sharper edge than most other sportsbikes...




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